Color Theory Applied to Website Design

Which colors influence buyer’s decisions?

As a trained graphic and web designer I’ve found color theory fascinating since the first class I attended on the topic. It’s amazing to me that red evokes a certain internal chemical reaction and purple another. Every time I endeavor to create a website for a client or business I ask what mood they wish the pages to stir in their potential users. Most often I get looks of  raised eye brows or quizzical eye rolling. But once I have the opportunity to explain the impact of colors on mood and shopping thus purchases the client jumps on board.

This infographic gives a fantastic overview of color theory which can be applied to your logo or brand, graphics and in website design. As you are guided step-by-step through my online course to build your own website, keep these colors in mind. Let me know in the comments below how you chose the website colors you’re using and whether you’d rethink now that you have more information.

(Thanks to for the creating the infographic!)

The Psychology of Color


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