Flexibility and Adaptability when Maintaining Your Business Blog

Why it’s perfectly okay to deviate from “The Plan”

I wasn’t quite sure what to write about this week. It wasn’t that I didn’t have a plan or a roadmap. Quite the contrary; I created and follow a Social Media Editorial Calendar guiding me on what my topic should be. It’s more that I feel a need to diverge from that path and take the fork in the road away from my original plan. This is due in large part to some potentially major changes happening in my life over the course of this month thus shifting my short term goals.

So I’ve decided to write today about the necessity of being flexible when creating your website, social media strategy and most importantly the content marketing strategy you have laid out for your business blog.

I’ve touted the importance of having a well-defined purpose for your website in numerous articles (Prepare a Make a Website, What NOT to do When Creating a Website, and Planning Your Website Presentation to name a few). Once your website is created, populated and running smoothly, the next step is to continue to create content for it. This keeps people coming back for more as well as continuing to virtually ping search engine crawlers telling them your site has new updates.

In order to make sure you stay on track with creating new content I teach you how to make an Editorial Calendar in the online course. This calendar helps you define topics for blog posts, define short and long term goals for the website, track analytics, and generally stay on the path you’ve laid out.

But what happens when you feel a tug to deviate from the roadmap?
What happens when short term goals change?

Guess what? You are in control of your online presence – go ahead and deviate in the direction you feel is necessary for yourself. Of course you want to keep your target audience in mind making sure to continue to address their needs/wants/desire for content. Don’t feel as though you are unable to deviate. You made the calendar, you’re the driver following the map. You can add a side trip that winds into the woods taking your audience on a nice sojourn.

Are there downsides to altering the path for your content marketing? Potentially. But really only if you deviate so far and for so long as to alienate your intended audience. However, if you are moving onto a road that is better suited for your target market then it would be unwise to not take the turn and continue plodding down the path to nowhere.

Entrepreneurs have the unique authority to be flexible and the freedom to adapt.

Rework your website’s Editorial Calendar to reflect the shift in focus. Take a deep breath, turn your shoulders in the new direction, update your short term goals and add them to the roadmap. Your new path may lead to even greater success and being willing to take the first steps toward it can lead to unseen riches.


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