How to Find the Perfect WordPress Theme

Resources for searching for and finding the right theme for your WordPress website

Your website should reflect your brand, your business, and be easy to use. A number of the elements used to make this happen include the design, colors, typefaces or fonts, and layout of the web pages. These elements together create the look and feel of your website. But how do you find a WordPress theme that works for your brand and, just as importantly, works very well for the end user?

There are a plethora of resources available to find just the right theme to use on your WordPress website. One could always create a new theme replete with the required files. However, if you don’t have the time or skills to do so there are literally thousands of free themes available and almost as many themes that require a one-time purchase. Check out just a few of the options below or begin with a search engine query including “WordPress theme” and whatever additional keywords you are looking for.

An option is to start with the WordPress install itself. Once you’ve installed WordPress, log in and go to Appearance>Themes>Add New. From there you can type in keywords or check boxes next to elements that are important to you. Keep in mind the more parameters you give it, the fewer number of themes will be delivered.


Installing a theme from the WordPress dashboard is the quickest method and most of the time a theme can be found that will fulfill your needs.

There are hundreds of developers who have taken it upon themselves to create themes for use by anyone. One of the online marketplaces these themes are available is Envato Most of the themes available here are found on the Theme Forest and Code Canyon tabs and are premium. When choosing a theme make sure the developer has a good rating from the community in terms of support, check out the forums for the theme and see how often questions go unanswered and if you are willing to accept sub-par customer service.

You can also preview the theme you are interested in in a live preview mode. Click through all the pages, make sure the navigation is going to be intuitive for your target audience. Envision your branding replacing stock colors and fonts and determine if the theme will still look as good with your companies’ logo and colors.


The Envato Marketplace is a repository of themes built by hundreds of developers. WordPress themes can be found under the Theme Forest and Code Canyon tabs.

Another option is to purchase a slew of themes from one reputable developer so you have access to numerous themes should you need to create multiple websites. The folks over at WPMU Dev have written a couple articles highlighting the best theme sellers replete with a full point system covering everything from price to features to usability and customer service. One such article, “Theme Seller Reviews: Winner and Losers” puts the themes at Elegant Themes toward the top overall.

I would have to concur with that analysis as Elegant Themes does a fine job of creating, well, elegant themes that are very user friendly for your browsers, quick to load meaning they aren’t stuffed with unnecessary code, and fairly inexpensive. The customer support at Elegant Themes is prompt and competent (I know first-hand, I’ve used them before). A bonus? You get access to all their themes with one purchase.


Elegant Themes, one of many options in this category, are WordPress themes built by one developer and available on their website for purchase.

These are but a very few resources for finding the perfect theme for your WordPress website. Remember if you don’t find one from these sources simply do a web search for what you are looking for. Chances are high someone out there has created what you need. If not, you can have a theme custom created just for your business.

I would highly recommend spending the time to find a theme that fits your needs as close as possible and being willing to be flexible on some elements. It will take more time to find and install a theme, populate it with your content, find out it isn’t what you really need and go out again to find a new theme than to find the right theme from the outset. 

Happy hunting!


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