Pros and Cons of Using WordPress to Build Your Website

Ease of Use, Customization, Expandability and More

WordPress offers a solution unlike any other

WordPress is a Content Management System, an open-source set of files created as a base for use in building a website. The system of files is maintained by the folks at Automattic and added to and built upon by thousands of developers across the globe.

WordPress was originally conceived as a blogging platform and many still use it as such today. But the expandability of the structure allows for business websites, eCommerce sites, stunning portfolios and fully interactive website experiences.Complexity Ease of Use

The fact that it is open-source and that there are so many Internet users building websites with WordPress allows for a staggering amount of customizability. This occurs because people are able to build themes that work on WordPress. A theme is the framework, layout, look and feel of the website.

There are also plugins being built and maintained that supplement just about any kind of additional functionality you could dream up. Do you need an airport shuttle booking plugin? Done. How about allowing guests to peruse rooms at your bed and breakfast, choose the one that suites their needs and pay for it before they ever leave their bunny slippers? Done.  Would you like to show browsers a sampling of your best artistic endeavors and have them visit your gallery? Too easy.

Keep in mind however that there is and The basic difference is that .com is hosted by WordPress, does allow for customization to an extent, does allow for every type of conceivable website, integrates beautifully with all the other 77 million blogs hosted there potentially boosting visibility and search engine rankings. is the file structure that is installed on a hosting service of your choice (I recommend using Bluehost). The differences with a .org install include even more flexibility in adding third-party themes and plugins, customizing the look and feel of the website as well as being able to have complete control over the site.

Pros of using WordPress:

Ease of Use – learn how to use WordPress in the online course here, Website Design By Anna Doo

Customization – With all the available themes, plugins and ability to change it all

Cost – Pay for hosting on or use their free service, pay for hosting for a install

Expandability – Can be used for a single page blog or a sixty page informational technical website

Cons of using WordPress:

Limitations – Truthfully, the only limitations I’ve found lie with my lack of certain coding ability. But this is overcome by finding a PHP expert who can manipulate a widget or wrangle a piece of unruly code into what I desire. Thus you either need to settle for what you see in front of you as the available product or be able to alter the code.

Customization – Even though there are a seemingly infinite number of combinations available for the look and feel and functionality of your website, you must be able to envision and implement them. This can be done…especially when you learn how in the online course.


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