• Anna Doo introduced herself to me at an art festival I was in, and immediately I was impressed by her openness and obvious eye for detail.  I told her about my web site issues and we exchanged business cards. A month later we met at my house and she walked me through the operation of WordPress.

    She was patient and articulate in her descriptions of how the system worked, and by the time she left, I felt like I could somewhat navigate the program.  She then transferred my current web site into WordPress.  Every time I have called or emailed her with a challenge she has gotten back to me right away. I really appreciate her ability to teach me what I needed to know to manage my web site. I am still learning but Anna taught me the essentials. I would highly recommend her for any project she decides to tackle."

    Pat MarselloMarsello Brushwork

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  • We selected Anna Doo because of the excellent work she did for the New Mexico National Guard. We did not do extensive research in this matter as we already knew that her company would deliver outstanding results. She did not disappoint us.

    Anna was able to take our conceptual design and created a beautiful and fully functional website for the New Mexico National Guard Museum. She was extremely patient as she worked with non technical customers. She provided training to maintain and modify the design and we still occasionally work with her to provide modifications that are beyond our level of expertise. I highly recommend Anna Doo to anyone considering hiring someone to help them with website design."

    Ken NavaNew Mexico National Guard Bataan Memorial Museum

  • Anna was essential to helping us create our new website and logo.  We really leaned on her hard for our new logo (which we love) and website.  She actually really listened to what we wanted - which couldn't have been easy because we both told her different things, in different emails at different times - and she took all that mish-mosh and turned it into something that we really wanted - and actually exactly what we asked for.

    Then when we needed help finding a new on-line software for our property management company she researched that for us and came to us with options.  One of which we ultimately chose and purchased.
    Truly, she has been a huge help and we plan to call on her again."

    Peter Ceballos & Lisa ChaseChase Realty, LLC

  • [Anna's] presentation was wonderful! [She] delivered meaty information with such enthusiasm and passion; attendees were totally engaged and awestricken that someone with such tech savvy could be so easy and so much fun to understand!"

    Bette BradburyWESST

  • r4xpressLogoFinalI wanted to start my own business but I had absolutely no clue when it came to building a website and I called around to different company and in the end it came down to the knowledge that Anna showed which was impressive.
    I have received more views on the website and the look of the website is a big reason why we are getting as big as we are.
    I  truly believe that I wouldn't be in the position in business that I am today without working with [Anna]. I would not have a website and nobody knowing that I am in business, which would more than likely close my doors."

    Erich RycroftR4Xpress, LLC

  • MKS Rocks LogoWhen it was time to launch my website I was a total rookie. I had no idea what I was doing but I knew I wanted my website to ROCK!   I called Anna Doo, a website designer extraordinaire who made my website exactly what I wanted it to be. Anna is a WordPress expert who made it possible, even for me, to have the website I wanted. Not only is she a WordPress expert, she writes / speaks html code which makes her an invaluable resource.   If you need help with your website, look no further than Anna Doo! She absolutely rocks!"

    Jessica Vana, AuthorMissionary Kids Rock

  • Health and Wellness Spa LogoWhile, I interviewed many web site designers, one stuck out from the rest because of her desire to meet my goals. I was impressed with Anna because I could see she was sincere with helping me with my business and she was committed to creating a web site for my business. The website she made was designed beautifully. She took the time to insure every detail was created for results. The website has been up for a year now, and I have been given many compliments on its design.

    Anna's expertise is web design, and she is very good at it. Health and Wellness Spa has been successful because of the website.

    To be successful in business today requires the ability to change with technology. Working with Anna has given me insight to the changes required to make a business successful."

    David Clinton, OwnerHealth and Wellness Spa